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Located in central Michigan, Middleton Farm uses all natural farming methods to produce only the best meats, fruits and vegetables that nature has to offer.

Welcome to Middleton Farm CSA , LLC

We raise and sell only the best meats, fruits and vegetables around, and do it without using any synthetic herbicides or pesticides.  Integrated pest management and other natural methods are used to control pests.  There are no GMO seeds on our farm and we only grow heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables along with cross pollinated hybrids.

Although we use organic practices in all our farming, we are not an organically- certified farm and do not intend to become certified in the near future. 

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It has been a pleasure to have served you these past years and we would love to hear from you on how we are doing. If you have had a good experience with us, please consider writing up a small testimonial at If you have concerns or complaints, please contact us as soon as possible so we can improve our service!


You must agree to the Harvest Share? Terms and Conditions located here. For a PDF version of the contract, go to the Contract and Newsletter page. 

Harvest Share CSA

A Harvest Share is the perfect way to purchase our delicious fresh produce and support local agriculture at the same time.  All produce will be fully ripe before being harvested and delivered to the pick up point.  This is the only way for the produce to attain peak flavor.  You receive the freshest, healthiest produce possible and the dollars you spend stay in the community.

A Harvest Share is a great investment if you love a large variety of herbs and vegetables, and are home enough during the summer to cook with and enjoy it all. 

Here's how it works: Before the growing season, we sell shares of the produce that is harvested from the fruits and vegetables we grow.  When the fruits and vegetables ripen, we will start harvesting.  Not all crops will be ready to harvest at the same time.  Whatever is ready for harvest will be hand picked within days of the drop-off. As opposed to other co-ops, you will not get a pre-filled basket or box.  We set out tables with everything buffet style and you get a basket corresponding to your share size and fill it with what you want.

We do not sell any of our produce at farmers markets or anywhere outside of the co-op. You are buying into a share of our garden and we encourage you to come out to the farm and pick all the extras you want. Every year we have members coming out and picking beans, pickles and tomatoes , and it's all as part of your share, no extra cost.

We want you to get your money's worth and, hopefully, not have to get produce from the store over the summer.

You will be taking a risk with the farmer.  So take time to consider and make sure this option is for you!  Bad weather, pest invasions and/or plant diseases are all reasons why shares may not be as big as you might expect.

The shares will be taken to a pick up point where the share owner can pick up their share of the harvest.  If the owner cannot make it to pick up their share, they can send someone in their place to pick up their produce or double up the previous or following week. 

Shares will be delivered throughout the growing season which, in Central Michigan, lasts for about 13-16 weeks.

A half share will average about half a bushel and feed 2-4 people.

Remember to wash all produce prior to consuming.

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