From farm to table


The Middleton family has been farming and raising cattle for over 75 years. It started when Clinton Middleton Sr. bought a small parcel of land south of Coleman, MI with his wife Rose (Kehoe). They raised 4 boys, 3 of which continued working on the farm. These three sons, Joseph (Joe), Gerald (Jim), and Clinton Jr (Hooch) worked very hard to continue what Clinton had started. They were able to build that small parcel of land into one of the largest family farms in Midland County.


In the mid '80s when times were hard on all small farmers, the 3 sons had to call it quits. This period ended C. Middleton & Sons, but it did not stop the 3 boys from doing what they loved, only on a much smaller scale. They only grew what they needed, and a little extra to help pay the bills. Now the 3rd generation is trying to continue what our grandpa had started.

    We are now a meat  CSA program. CSA stands for community supported agriculture. We offer over 10 beef and pork shares with bi-monthly deliveries of your choice of cuts. 

At Middleton Farms, we use all natural farming methods to produce healthy, flavorful, locally grown meats

the flavors of our farm-fresh products

We are a beef and pork farm offering a great alternative to buying bulk or store beef and pork.Through our meat share program, you can receive your choice of locally raised beef, pork and eggs delivered to your door every other month, year-round and stay insulated from continuing price increases and shortages.
You can also find us year round at the Holly and South Lyon and seasonally at the Milford market

Our farm

We take pride in our farm and the exceptional products it yields. From farm-fresh eggs to beef and pork, our commitment to quality and sustainable farming practices sets us apart. 

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