Beef/Pork Half Share


Our most popular share, it is 1/6th of a steer and 1/2 hog divided equally between 6 deliveries. You will get 12-15 lbs of beef, and 10 to 12 lbs of pork each delivery.

Sign up by the 15th of any month and get your first delivery the following month

The beef cuts we offer are ground beef, steaks (rib, ribeye, porterhouse, T-bone, flank, skirt, filet, sirloin, NY strip, minute steak or sirloin tip-cut thin and great for fajitas or sandwiches), roasts ( chuck, bottom and top round, English and arm), brisket, beef ribs, oxtail, stew meat, beef shanks. In addition, if at anytime you`d like bare or marrow bones, liver, suet, fat, heart or tongue, let us know as they are free and do not count towards your share.



The pork cuts we offer are Boston Butt  and picnic roast, pork chops, pork loin, bacon, breakfast sausage links, patties or bulk, brats (sweet or hot Italian, plain or honey mustard), ground pork, ground sweet and hot Italian sausage, country ribs, spare ribs, ham steaks or half hams, smoked or natural Polish, chorizo, hocks, pork steak.


Payment plans are available only on full priced shares and not valid on any discounts/specials.