Large Beef Share


Six deliveries of fresh, locally grown beef. You get 1/3 of a steer=170-180 lbs of beef cut and wrapped how you want it and delivered to your door . Each delivery is about 29 lbs of beef. You can join anytime and be put on the list for the next drop off. The beef cuts we offer are ground beef, steaks (rib, ribeye, porterhouse, T-bone, flank, skirt, filet, sirloin, NY strip, minute steak or sirloin tip-cut thin and great for fajitas or sandwiches), roasts ( chuck, bottom and top round, English and arm), brisket, beef ribs, oxtail, stew meat, beef shanks. In addition, if at anytime you`d like bare or marrow bones, liver, suet, fat, heart or tongue, let us know as they are free and do not count towards your sha